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    Clothes & Underwear not only to work

    The underwear for various occasions

    The fact that everyone wears underwear is rather undoubted. Each of us has in his wardrobe several pairs of socks, panties and bras (in the cases of women’s wardrobes). However, there are various occasions in our lives and for those various opportunities we usually wear different kinds of sexy underwear. Let us explain the phenomenon on the basis of concrete examples.


    Some of us do not like actual trends of sitting way of life so they prefer going running to watching soap operas in the TV or having a nap. The most appropriate underwear for such a situation is, of course, a thermoactive underwear. It is the most suitable underwear for people who like sports and physical activities.


    Sometimes, however, we are invited to the party, for example wedding. This is an occasion which requires elegant clothing. During such events everyone wants to look as well as it is only possible and that is why women very often wear the underwear that makes them look thinner.


    There is no need to worry about the underwear while sitting at home and relaxing after tired and very long day at work. In most cases, we wear then the simplest underwear ever since very frequently the simplest one means also the most comfortable one.

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