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    The lingerie with silver ions – should we buy it?

    Silver is by majority of us associated with a jewelery. Especially women like buying silver in a form of earrings, rings or necklaces. Silver ions are believed to have a positive influence on human’s body so maybe that is the reason why silver, in general, is so popular. However, not many of us know that silver ions are used not only to produce jewelry, but also to produce…the lingerie. Maybe some of us have heard something about it, but they did not get deeper into this topic. Or maybe it was a lack of appropriate sources? In the following article we will try to say a few words about the lingerie, which is produced with the usage of silver ions. Maybe thanks to the information included in the article many more people will start buying such lingerie and wearing it, because we have to admit that it is really healthy for our skin.

    The lingerie which includes silver ions does not lead to any allergies. The skin of some people is even much more sensitive than the skin of little children. That is why some unknown materials used for lingerie production can lead to allergies in the most intimate places of our bodies. No one would like to suffer from such allergies so this is one, strong argument for buying lingerie with silver ions. The next one is connected with bacteria. Bacteria are everywhere – on the table, on the computer, even in the bathroom, which is probably the cleanest room of our houses. They are present also on our lingerie, almost all the time even though we are not able to see them. Lingerie including silver ions is safe for our bodies, because the ions mentioned damages all of the bacteria. But that is not the end – those ions also protects bacteria from spawning. It means that once they are killed they will never reproduce themselves. This is probably the most crucial advantage of such sort of lingerie, because it touches the most sensitive and the most intimate parts of our bodies so it is good when it protects from having various kinds of bacteria. All of these issues have an influence on the smell. Sometimes, because of bacteria, particular parts of the bodies produce unpleasant smell, but it is good to know that such smell is liquidated by the silver ions. And one more thing – even after lots of laundries, those silver ins are not eluted so it is really worth buying this kind of lingerie. It is safe and we are able to choose various patterns of the lingerie, just as in the case of the most traditional lingerie.

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