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    Is it a good idea to buy second-hand underwear?

    All of us are aware of the fact that nowadays it is very hard to live in terms of finances. Rarely do people earn as much money as they would like to earn. That is why we look for bargains very frequently. It is obvious, that everyone prefers buying things cheaper to buying them more expensively. For bargains, however, we have to wait some time since those products are almost always from the previous collection. When we do not want to wait, we can always go to second-hand shops, but what about the underwear – should we buy it in such places?


    Everything is expensive nowadays – even pairs of panties or socks are getting more and more costly. Some people decide to buy the underwear in second-hand shops, but is it really a good idea? There are no doubts that it is a cheaper way to equip one’s wardrobe. Nevertheless, underwear is such part of the wardrobe that should be rather intimate. It is not hygienic to wear it after somebody else. Moreover, second-hand underwear is not in perfect state so there is a high possibility that it would be destroyed after a short time.


    The decision, however, is up to consumers. If they prefer saving money to wearing new, hygienic underwear then no one would have an influence on their opinion.


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