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    Is retro fashion going to come back?



    Opinions about retro fashion are divided, but such a division is a natural state of being since people are different and their ideas also differ. Some part of society claims that retro fashion is temporary because nowadays there are slightly different trends which do not correspond with old, let’s say even ancient traditions. However, still there are some people who love retro fashion and they try to wear everything that expresses their style. Such people, mainly women, wear even retro underwear which is possible to be bought in the Internet as well as in well-equipped boutiques with underwear.

    Wearing a retro underwear is a kind of a manifest. Not everyone is able to see what we wear beneath our trousers, T-shirts, dresses and skirts. But the most important is that we ourselves are aware of the fact that our today’s panties are in retro style. When we take off our clothes and see it we can be satisfied and proud of ourselves that even such details as panties, bras or socks are used to express our emotions, feelings and sense of style. Who knows, maybe in some time, maybe within several years a retro style will come back and no one would be surprised that even underwear can be produced in such a style.