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    Is the underwear important during magical performances?

    Nowadays we have lots of possibilities of spending our spare time. We can, for instance, play video games, talk with our friends via the Internet, watch their photographs added to popular web portals or watch interesting TV programs. Those are, however, rather static options of spending our free time. Among us there are people who prefer spending their free time more actively – they prefer climbing, riding a bike, riding a horse or even going for a longer walk through the park. Some of us love collecting various things, like stamps, CDs or jewelry. But there are also people, whose hobbies belong rather the group of very unusual interests. The best example is a magic and attending magical performances. Maybe we are not even aware of this fact, but some people try to learn some magical tricks at homes, they study magical books and manuals and they travel around the world in order to see their idols in the branch of magic. Of course, we do not mean that there is something bad in such kind of an interest. It seems fascinating. Nevertheless, we have to remember that no one will be able to repeat some tricks after professional magicians, because only they know some secrets and cryptic ways to do magical performances. We can only help some fans of magic and suggest that the underwear (either of the magician or his assistant) is very important during doing some difficult tricks.

    Who would think that the underwear plays any special role in a magical performances? Would you point at it while guessing? Probably not, but do not worry – it is absolutely understandable. We focus on various accessories that magicians use, their tricks, a lighting and a music which can be heard in the background rather than on the underwear. Nevertheless, indeed it plays special role during magical shows and performances, of which the main theme is an illusion even though not many of us would guess it. In several minutes the answer will be obvious and every reader of the following article will understand how important and significant can be the underwear during magical shows.

    For example, what does attract our attention the most? Aren’t there beautiful ladies, who have pretty figures and silhouettes, wearing unusual underwear which corresponds with the general aim of the show? We lie observing them when they hand some inevitable accessories to the magician, when they close particular chests and they lie on the table waiting for being cut up. Generally speaking, we love admiring beauty and those beautiful assistants attract our attention so for several seconds or even minutes we are looking up to their loveliness. And those several minutes or seconds are enough for the magician to manipulate his viewers. While everyone is observing shining underwear of a beautiful assistant, who has already come to the stage, the magician can easily do things which will make it easier to perform particular tricks. However, people still think that he has got some kind of a power or supernatural strength, because when he was cheating on them, they were looking at the pretty assistant.

    The underwear of assistant or, in this case, also of a magician himself can become helpful also in other situations, for instance when there is a need to hide something small which cannot be visible to the audience. Lots of trainings and preparations make performers able to hide such things and bring them out without catching the attention of the viewers. The assistant, who is wearing only underwear, would not have another possibility to conceal something so we have to say that panties or brassieres are really helpful during such types of shows.