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    functionality of underwear

    What should be underwear like?

    Underwear is a basic equipment of our wardrobes. We cannot rather imagine getting dressed without, for instance, taking socks on our feet. There are various kinds of underwear, but the most popular and the most frequent are of course the socks mentioned, brassieres and panties. We should not, however, buy the underwear which is the cheapest one since underwear is a kind of visiting card of ourselves and it should have certain features. What should it be like, then?


    The most important feature of each kind of the underwear is it functionality. The underwear cannot be pretty, but so impractical that it would not be possible to wear it. While buying any kind of this part of wardrobe we have to put our attention on its practicality. The underwear should be first of all comfortable. We wear it during the whole days so it cannot be even noticeable. We have to wear such panties or bras that would not disturb us during working or during doing our home duties.


    The next feature of the underwear is it appearance obviously. Maybe it is not the most important, but it is also a significant feature. The underwear is to some extent our visiting card so it should be similar to us. If we like various colors – we should wear colorful underwear and so on.