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    Clothes & Underwear not only to work

    What should women wear?

    pobrane (3)There are various opinions about clothes all of us wear every day. Some part of our society believe we should wear only those clothes that are comfortable and in which we feel convenient. However, there is also another side – the rest of the people claim we have to look good no matter how much of discomfort we will have to pay for this. Taking those two sides into consideration, women very often have a dilemma connected with their dressing. Should they be pretty and wear uncomfortable clothes or rather should they be less pretty wearing sporting clothes?

    First of all, we have to notice that it does not matter what a woman is wearing. If she is beautiful, she will look good in everything she is going to wear. So one day she can wear an amazing, black, long dress, but the next day she can take on trousers and a casual T-shirt. Both options will emphasize her beauty and within those two days woman will just look differently (which does not mean worse or better). We can even go to extremes and say that everyone is beautiful in a way and so do women. Then, we should not consider their clothes, but we should rather come to the conclusion that if each and every woman is beautiful, so each and every woman can wear what she wants since all in all she will look pretty.

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