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    Clothes & Underwear not only to work


    What should women wear?

    pobrane (3)There are various opinions about clothes all of us wear every day. Some part of our society believe we should wear only those clothes that are comfortable and in which we feel convenient. However, there is also another side – the rest of the people claim we have to look good no matter how much of discomfort we will have to pay for this. Taking those two sides into consideration, women very often have a dilemma connected with their dressing. Should they be pretty and wear uncomfortable clothes or rather should they be less pretty wearing sporting clothes?

    First of all, we have to notice that it does not matter what a woman is wearing. If she is beautiful, she will look good in everything she is going to wear. So one day she can wear an amazing, black, long dress, but the next day she can take on trousers and a casual T-shirt. Both options will emphasize her beauty and within those two days woman will just look differently (which does not mean worse or better). We can even go to extremes and say that everyone is beautiful in a way and so do women. Then, we should not consider their clothes, but we should rather come to the conclusion that if each and every woman is beautiful, so each and every woman can wear what she wants since all in all she will look pretty.

    An ideal gift for woman

    Lots of males claim that it is almost an impossible task to buy their women such a gift, which will be pretty and at the same time functional. The most frequently given presents are of course perfumes, various clothes and cosmetics or jewelry. However, as it will be proved in several minutes, there is nothing simpler than buying a present for female. How could it be?


    Maybe not each and every man is so smart and creative to come up with such a gift, but an underwear is certainly a great present for every occasion. Everyone wears underwear – both males and females so there will never be such a situation that women will not need panties, bras or several pairs of socks. Moreover, underwear for women consists of more items which are also ideal for presents, like for instance tights, stockings or suspenders. Thanks to this fact, there is a wider area of hesitation for men.


    Not always do women need tenth perfume or twentieth pair of shoes. Sometimes a present for female can be much more creative, but still practical and functional in one hundred per cent. Underwear can certainly be called such a gift and that is why before Christmas, birthdays or the other occasions men should think about this idea quite intensively.


    Pros and cons of buying underwear online

    Doing shopping via the Internet has both its positive and negative sides. Everything is divided – there are no ideal people, things or situations so we are not able to say that buying things online does not have any bad sides. Let us consider such thesis using certain example – underwear which is very often bought online by women. What are the advantages and what are disadvantages of this?


    First of all, buying underwear online (SassyStar UK) is connected with an appropriate time of the realization of our order. The product will not be delivered to us in several hours, but it will rather last for several days so we have to wait in order to wear the underwear we bought. Moreover, we are not able to try the underwear on so until we get the package, we cannot be sure of size correctness.



    On the other hand, however, buying the underwear online is very frequently cheaper, because online shops must somehow attract people and encourage them to buy there. How can people be attracted if not by lower prices? Moreover, in the Internet there is a bigger choice of underwear for sure. In traditional shops we must buy what we find – online shops let us buy what we want and maybe that is why such a huge amount of people buy underwear via the Internet?

    What are the advantages of wearing corsets?

    Some time ago corsets were seen as one of the most inconvenient and uncomfortable elements of the underwear ever. Women had to wear them, but they did not like doing it. Sometimes they could not breath because of corsets and their motions were somehow limited by those uncomfortable corsets. That is why it is very hard to believe that nowadays some women were corsets, because they want to, not because they have to do it. They are looking for special corset in the Internet or in the traditional boutique with underwear, they buy corsets and they wear them as frequently as they can. Women who lived some time ago would probably not understand this, because they were dreaming about taking their corsets off. Nevertheless, it must be something interesting in this sort of underwear. Wearing corsets cannot have only disadvantages in spite of the fact that we can enumerate lots of them. The fact that some women wear corsets must be somehow explained. How?


    Probably the fact that some women like wearing corsets is connected with their attractiveness. We cannot deny that women wearing corsets look beautiful and it is nice to watch them, look at them, especially when their figures are pretty and fit. Females like being attractive not only for men, but also for themselves. They need being admired, but they also want to feel good while looking into the mirrors. Corsets make females even more tempting and sexy than they are usually. So why should not women emphasize their attractiveness when they want to? If they do not care about a discomfort of wearing corsets, no one would prohibit it, because it is their own decision.

    Sometimes, corsets are the elements of a coverture. We have to face various circumstances and various occasions. Some of them require special clothes, for instance a Halloween party. So women wear corsets in order to be attractive, but at the same time fit in the whole company. Of course, we are not saying that every time we take part in some party we have to wear corsets (in case of being a woman), but that is not impossible. There are different sorts of corsets – some of them are sexy, but the other ones are rather funny. In this way, women are able to express themselves and look good.


    As we can see, there are some advantages of wearing such underwear as corset, but it is rather obvious that even the sexiest women ever do not wear them every day, because it would be too exhausting.


    The underwear for various occasions

    The fact that everyone wears underwear is rather undoubted. Each of us has in his wardrobe several pairs of socks, panties and bras (in the cases of women’s wardrobes). However, there are various occasions in our lives and for those various opportunities we usually wear different kinds of sexy underwear. Let us explain the phenomenon on the basis of concrete examples.


    Some of us do not like actual trends of sitting way of life so they prefer going running to watching soap operas in the TV or having a nap. The most appropriate underwear for such a situation is, of course, a thermoactive underwear. It is the most suitable underwear for people who like sports and physical activities.


    Sometimes, however, we are invited to the party, for example wedding. This is an occasion which requires elegant clothing. During such events everyone wants to look as well as it is only possible and that is why women very often wear the underwear that makes them look thinner.


    There is no need to worry about the underwear while sitting at home and relaxing after tired and very long day at work. In most cases, we wear then the simplest underwear ever since very frequently the simplest one means also the most comfortable one.

    The best way to emphasize women’s shapes

    Everyone, maybe except little children, knows what the differences between men and women are. Men are built slightly different and they are rather much more massive. If it is about women, they are delicate and gentle. Nevertheless, the shapes of women’s bodies are beautiful under condition that they are well emphasized. There are various ways to emphasize them, but the best is to choose the appropriate underwear.


    Well-suited underwear can cause miracles. Firstly, each and every woman should put her attention on the brassieres she wears. There are various sizes of bras and sometimes it is hard to find this perfect one. That is why many women wear not well-suited brassieres and the effects are rather poor. Wearing an appropriate size of bra makes breasts much more shapely. In other words – breasts just look better no matter if they are covered by T-shirt or not.


    It is also important to wear appropriate kinds of panties according to the whole attirement. Loose and casual trousers do not require special panties, but the other situation is when a lady is wearing tight-fitting trousers. Panties should be the least visible then – this is how women’s shapes of body can be easily brought out.

    Is it a good idea to buy second-hand underwear?

    All of us are aware of the fact that nowadays it is very hard to live in terms of finances. Rarely do people earn as much money as they would like to earn. That is why we look for bargains very frequently. It is obvious, that everyone prefers buying things cheaper to buying them more expensively. For bargains, however, we have to wait some time since those products are almost always from the previous collection. When we do not want to wait, we can always go to second-hand shops, but what about the underwear – should we buy it in such places?


    Everything is expensive nowadays – even pairs of panties or socks are getting more and more costly. Some people decide to buy the underwear in second-hand shops, but is it really a good idea? There are no doubts that it is a cheaper way to equip one’s wardrobe. Nevertheless, underwear is such part of the wardrobe that should be rather intimate. It is not hygienic to wear it after somebody else. Moreover, second-hand underwear is not in perfect state so there is a high possibility that it would be destroyed after a short time.


    The decision, however, is up to consumers. If they prefer saving money to wearing new, hygienic underwear then no one would have an influence on their opinion.


    Is retro fashion going to come back?



    Opinions about retro fashion are divided, but such a division is a natural state of being since people are different and their ideas also differ. Some part of society claims that retro fashion is temporary because nowadays there are slightly different trends which do not correspond with old, let’s say even ancient traditions. However, still there are some people who love retro fashion and they try to wear everything that expresses their style. Such people, mainly women, wear even retro underwear which is possible to be bought in the Internet as well as in well-equipped boutiques with underwear.

    Wearing a retro underwear is a kind of a manifest. Not everyone is able to see what we wear beneath our trousers, T-shirts, dresses and skirts. But the most important is that we ourselves are aware of the fact that our today’s panties are in retro style. When we take off our clothes and see it we can be satisfied and proud of ourselves that even such details as panties, bras or socks are used to express our emotions, feelings and sense of style. Who knows, maybe in some time, maybe within several years a retro style will come back and no one would be surprised that even underwear can be produced in such a style.









    What should be underwear like?

    Underwear is a basic equipment of our wardrobes. We cannot rather imagine getting dressed without, for instance, taking socks on our feet. There are various kinds of underwear, but the most popular and the most frequent are of course the socks mentioned, brassieres and panties. We should not, however, buy the underwear which is the cheapest one since underwear is a kind of visiting card of ourselves and it should have certain features. What should it be like, then?


    The most important feature of each kind of the underwear is it functionality. The underwear cannot be pretty, but so impractical that it would not be possible to wear it. While buying any kind of this part of wardrobe we have to put our attention on its practicality. The underwear should be first of all comfortable. We wear it during the whole days so it cannot be even noticeable. We have to wear such panties or bras that would not disturb us during working or during doing our home duties.


    The next feature of the underwear is it appearance obviously. Maybe it is not the most important, but it is also a significant feature. The underwear is to some extent our visiting card so it should be similar to us. If we like various colors – we should wear colorful underwear and so on.

    The lingerie with silver ions – should we buy it?

    Silver is by majority of us associated with a jewelery. Especially women like buying silver in a form of earrings, rings or necklaces. Silver ions are believed to have a positive influence on human’s body so maybe that is the reason why silver, in general, is so popular. However, not many of us know that silver ions are used not only to produce jewelry, but also to produce…the lingerie. Maybe some of us have heard something about it, but they did not get deeper into this topic. Or maybe it was a lack of appropriate sources? In the following article we will try to say a few words about the lingerie, which is produced with the usage of silver ions. Maybe thanks to the information included in the article many more people will start buying such lingerie and wearing it, because we have to admit that it is really healthy for our skin.

    The lingerie which includes silver ions does not lead to any allergies. The skin of some people is even much more sensitive than the skin of little children. That is why some unknown materials used for lingerie production can lead to allergies in the most intimate places of our bodies. No one would like to suffer from such allergies so this is one, strong argument for buying lingerie with silver ions. The next one is connected with bacteria. Bacteria are everywhere – on the table, on the computer, even in the bathroom, which is probably the cleanest room of our houses. They are present also on our lingerie, almost all the time even though we are not able to see them. Lingerie including silver ions is safe for our bodies, because the ions mentioned damages all of the bacteria. But that is not the end – those ions also protects bacteria from spawning. It means that once they are killed they will never reproduce themselves. This is probably the most crucial advantage of such sort of lingerie, because it touches the most sensitive and the most intimate parts of our bodies so it is good when it protects from having various kinds of bacteria. All of these issues have an influence on the smell. Sometimes, because of bacteria, particular parts of the bodies produce unpleasant smell, but it is good to know that such smell is liquidated by the silver ions. And one more thing – even after lots of laundries, those silver ins are not eluted so it is really worth buying this kind of lingerie. It is safe and we are able to choose various patterns of the lingerie, just as in the case of the most traditional lingerie.